Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moving to Rehab

Mom is doing good. But she's in a great deal of pain. She should have been coming home with me today, but they want her to go to rehab for a week or so before coming here. Even though she's in a lot of pain, she still seems to keep her sweet smile.

Harrison went with me yesterday to visit her. He packed up some school work, art books, and his Patch the Pirate devotion book, had my iPod and snacks. He was pretty well content and kept busy during mom's time of therapy.
She's in, what they call, the Joint Academy. They do joint replacements on Monday, therapy on Tue and Wed, and send you home on Thursday. There were only five people in the joint academy this week. They pull these chairs out into a circle in the hall and they all do their exercises together. They were all so nice and kept their smiles. Well, all but one. Bless her heart. This particular lady was miserable and gave up, going back to bed. It's so important to do the exercises so the muscles don't get stiff around the new joints. That could require more surgery and it's worse than the first. I hope that lady does better today.

Mom was nauseous and tired after their hour long session. I really think it's the pain meds. She's on some pretty high doses. Since she was dizzy and sick she stayed in her chair after therapy. We took a nap together.

And then my friend, Kelly, showed up with daddy's favorite candies in hand. Hershey's chocolate caramel filled treasures, dark chocolate covered almonds, and Raphaello's. We kid her about being the "candy lady" because she loves sweets.

Brother Johnny, Brother Humphries, and Pastor also came by to see her yesterday. She always enjoys seeing them. There were several people at church last night that asked me if mom told me they had come to see her. She's had a great deal of visitors and that always cheers her up. She was pleased at all the little ones that came to see their "Maw Maw ----."


It's going to be another busy day for us today. Besides school and trying to get a supper cooked before the day gets away from me, 0ur family is going in different directions. Justin is at the college and then going to work, Harrison and I will be going with daddy to pick mom up for her transfer to rehab, and Hannah will be going with her dad to her eye appointment.

I hope y'all have a terrific day!!