Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Exercises, Freecycle, and Visitors

OK, before you judge me too harshly, my mother laughed at this picture and told me to blog it. This was her facial expression yesterday while she did the new exercises for her hip. She has to lay her leg on a trash bag (long ways) and move it back and forth from left to right. The trash bag just helps her move more easily. Then she props a folded pillow under her knee and raises her foot off the mattress to straighten the knee several times. She has had a knot come up on her incission the last couple of nights and it's been very painful. We ice it and that seems to help a lot. We think it's been the exercises, but she knows she has to do them. So pray that her leg will get used to the exercises quickly. OH! before I forget, one of the therapists had an idea for an ice pack if you don't have one. And this works GREAT! We've made two of them and alternate as needed. You pour a large bottle of Palmolive into a gallon ziploc bag, then double bag it and freeze it. It doesn't freeze hard. It's like a gel pack. It's terrific.

I received a phone call from Justin yesterday afternoon. He was at Chick-fil-A and had locked the keys in the car. When I met him with the spare key I told him he had to wear the "I" for his grandpa. There's an inside joke between Justin and his grandpa about the "I" that only a few people know about. So this picture is for them! hehehe

I saw on freecycle yesterday that someone was giving away several Ultra Mini blood glucose meters. They've never been opened and I thought maybe mom and dad could each use one and then I could give one to someone else that could use it. Or daddy could even take one to dialysis to see if someone there could use it. Later, the same person posted several hand lotions so I told them I would take those too, but someone had beaten me to them. However, when I picked up the glucose meters, they had dropped three tubes of lotion in the bag with them. Which I thought was very nice of them. My hands get really dry in the winter, so I know I'll be using those.
My brother, John, was coming over for a visit with mom. It was a little late, but he's been working such long hours at work it's really the only time he could come. So while we waited for him to arrive, mom and the children played a game of UNO Attack. Harrison won.
Poor John can't leave his lab while they're running important tests, so he's been missing out on several meals and lots of sleep. Not to mention that his little wife is in nursing school AND in great pain with her gall bladder needing to be removed soon. Lord willing, she'll be having that done before Christmas and I'm sure she'll be feeling much better after that is taken care of. So it was a pleasure to serve John a hot meal last night. He seemed to enjoy it because every bite was followed by a "Mmmmmm."
I suppose that the fact that he licked his plate clean confirmed that it was good.