Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweeter As the Days Go By

We had our annual Thanksgiving Ladies Fellowship tonight. The theme for the evening was It gets sweeter as the days go by. And it was so sweet! Pun intended.

Here are some of the decorations. This is the shadow box.

The bulletin board. By the way, the candy around the bulletin board is a corsage box, wrapped in cellophane. You can put those battery operated lights on the inside if you want, but we didn't do that this time.

Mrs. Tammy C made all the giant candy bars.

We had a traditional supper of turkey, ham, and sides.

And tons of desserts.

Giant candy cane sticks were at the doorway. (E and Hannah)

Mrs. Janet gave the welcome and prayer.

And then we ate. This is Mrs. Freida. I love her!!

This is Mrs. Sam! She has such a big heart.

This is Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Carolyn. Two of the sweetest ladies I know.

This is B! Ain't she purty?

After we ate, Mrs. Ava presented Mrs. Tammy C with a gingerbread house kit to make with her girls for all the hard work she did to help with the decorations.

Elizabeth, one of our nearby Bible college students that attends our church while here in school, won a game. Not really sure which one though. Elizabeth's mother was in town for the fellowship tonight and we were so glad to have her!

I was put in charge of skits. I had an idea for one but with everything going on in our family's lives, I just couldn't seem to bring it to fruition. So I read something cute about how Martha Stewart would not be coming to my house for Thanksgiving this year. I'll share that at another time. Thanks, Meghan, for taking this picture!

I was in a panic tonight because the music I had lined up failed to show up or even call to let me know they weren't coming. I didn't find out until like two hours before the fellowship. lol So! I got with Mrs. Ava and we started recruiting people as they came in the door. Mostly our youth choir girls, to sing Sweeter As The days Go By. Thank you, Sigma girls, Denim and Lace girls, Patch girls, Pee Wee girls, Tammy S, Mrs. Vickie, Tammy C, Mrs. Carolyn, and Abigale for being so SWEET (pun intended) to sing on such short notice.

Our speaker tonight was one of our own, Mrs. Kim O'Malley. If you look up the word sweet in the dictionary, you'll see her picture.

Her message tonight was from Psalm 34:1-8. I took notes and I'll be sharing those soon.

I took several pics of her for Brother John O'. He's out of town and wanted to see her.
So, here ya go, Brother John~~Happy?

Who likes chocolate??? She got a lot of raised hands on that question!

Here she is describing what happens to our senses when we come across a delicious slice of cheesecake. lol
She did a terrific job. Her message was something I really needed tonight. I had seriously considered not going tonight because of stress and being tired. But if I had stayed at home I would have missed exactly what the Lord had for me tonight.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship. Everyone seemed to enjoy their evening.
Great theme, Mrs. Ava! You always have us at heart.