Monday, November 24, 2008

2008, Eye Appointments, and Thanksgiving Quote

Well, it's after midnight. The week of Thanksgiving is officially upon us. Where has 2008 gone?

Bruce and I were listening to the radio today and they mentioned something about November 23rd. "Isn't that today" he asked? I thought to myself, No! That's at the end of the month. But guess what? It IS the end of the month. Again I ask...Where has 2008 gone?

I'll start doing little things leading up to Thanksgiving Day sometime tomorrow. Daddy has eye surgery Monday afternoon and so while Justin and Hannah stay with mom to meet her every need, I'll be driving daddy to his appointment and making sure he gets home safe and sound. Funny story about daddy....this morning he was having difficulty focusing. He just couldn't seem to focus on anything all morning. He kept thinking to himself, "Wow, my eyesight really is getting worse." He taught his Sunday school class and walked down stairs, all the while squinting out of one eye so as not to fall into walls or trip over his own feet. Mrs. Ava passed him in the hall and said, "Well, Brother Birt, you've lost a lens out of your glasses!" LOL The good news is, his eyesight isn't as bad as he thought it was this morning and he found the lens to his glasses.

Bless his heart.

The pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts …
nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving. --H. W. Westermayer