Sunday, November 2, 2008

Comments and Good Services

Due to mom's surgery tomorrow and the fact that I will not be able to monitor my email and blog as usual, I have disabled comments on the politcal discussion posts. Not to mention I think everyone could use a breather. Y'all REALLY need to learn how to count to ten. That was a joke y' can laugh. ANYWAY! Any and all comments of debate on either side of the political issues will be rejected. Just like FOX news, I am being fair and unbiased.

I was in nursery during church this morning and I could tell from watching on the monitors that Pastor was really preachin' it up in there. I hate I missed it, but I did enjoy playing with those sweet little babies. They are so much fun. And I was only spit up on once!

I met with the players in the play to go over our first read this afternoon. I thought it went really good. There were a couple of funny things that happened during the read and my hope is that it gets better or we'll all be cracking up. PLEASE, SPENCER, WORK ON THAT "HELLO"!!!! LOL

The service tonight was so good. There were many that went forward and prayed for different things on their hearts. The Spirit was moving and it felt so good to be there. Before the close of the service, we had a special prayer for our country and all hearts and minds were clear, I hope. We are in God's hands, not John McCain or Barack Obama.

There was a little Filipino lady in our evening service, who is a missionary going back to the Philippines, that sang several songs for us tonight. One of which was It Is Well With My Soul. No matter who wins this election, be it McCain or Obama, I know who holds the future and it is well with my soul. God already knows the outcome of Tuesday. He is already in the morrow. I'm still casting my vote for McCain! lol But we are winners either way.