Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hair Day and Thanksgiving Shopping

Friday afternoon I took mom to get her hair cut at Missy's. She was feeling a little blue with cabin fever and although I think she was too tired to go, she was happy to get her hair fixed. Since she couldn't lay back in the chair to get her hair washed, I washed it in the sink before we left.

I'm glad Missy was able to get to her yesterday.

Uhhh, wow.

I was going to tell you that this was Missy drying mom's hair, but that would be along the lines of, "DUH."

See the little sign that says "I'm a beautician, not a magician!" I got that for Missy a couple of years ago for Christmas and she's had it up ever since.

Almost finished!


From left to right is Bruce, Mrs. Freida, John, daddy, Missy L, and mom. Mrs. Freida and Missy L came to visit last night and then John and Mikey showed up. Although mom was really tired, she had a pretty good day.

Mom and I got up this morning and headed to Wal Mart so she could get the things needed for Thanksgiving. We got there early enough to get her one of those little motorized carts. She putted from one end of the store to the other and back again. We also picked up groceries for daddy and delivered them. He was very happy to see the almost seventy dollars worth of groceries we bought for him. He even kissed his jar of bread and butter pickles. Mom was able to visit with Dolly and walk room to room in her own home. She really enjoyed that. We stopped at Food Lion to pick up a couple of things we couldn't find at Wal Mart, ran to pick up Justin's suit from the cleaners, and finally back home. By the time we got home, she was ready to crash. But not until after lunch, a visit from her hubby, and seeing my kids off to their youth outing. They shouldn't be back for several hours and it will be quiet in the house. So she should be able to rest nicely tonight. Lord willing she'll be at church Sunday night and is looking forward to that! I am too.