Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mom, Rehab, and Date Night

When I drove mom from the hospital to rehab the other day I snagged some pictures of a new friend and her nurses before we left. This little lady was 85 years old, with a knee replacement. She was running circles around the other patients too. She was amazing and the sweetest lady!

Mom and Harry-boy.

These were mom's nurses. They were so great. From left to right is Sherry, Tana, Jamini, and Regina. They really knew their job and were great at it!
Unfortunately I can't say it's been such a great experience at this other hospital's rehab. Mom has been miserable. When I stayed with her the other night she slept for a little bit in the chair. But she was up a good bit during the night and also whimpering in her sleep. Since her physical therapist has started with her, she seems to be doing a little better. Although, the nurses are going to have to be taught about the different movements and ways she has to lay, the pillows needed, etc. I believe the therapist is going to work on them with that this week. It's been good for me too, to be able to watch and help since she'll be coming home with me after leaving rehab.

They are very understaffed and there has been a great deal of miscommunication between the hospitals, between mom and the nurses, between the nurses and the doctor, and between the doctor and mom. It has been VERY chaotic! So this morning I made my way down to the patient representative's office and had quite the chat. She was very helpful in getting some things cleared up. I was also able to speak to the doctor one on one this morning. And also the nurses before I left. I felt a lot better about things when I left mom this morning. They're not bad nurses, they just have too many patients per nurse up there. I'll be honest though, I'm supposed to have my ankle replaced in the near future and this is NOT helping me gear up for it. lol
I did have the opportunity to meet an elderly lady at the rehab. Her name is Josette. She's from France and has the most wonderful accent. We chatted about her beautiful roses, begonias, and orchids there in her room. I stopped by this morning and introduced her to Justin and Hannah. We had a nice chat with her. What a nice lady!
As you know, Friday is mine and Bruce's date night. I stole an idea from Twinmama and we tried on hats in the Christmas department at Wal Mart. I didn't find the perfect hat for this year, but I'm keeping my eyes opened. Bruce said he's posing with this same expression for the next four years. Three guesses why and the first two don't count. LOL

I liked this Angel hat, and it does reflect me so well, doesn't it? But I'm still looking for something different.

We had Chinese last night and then Bruce took me to Chick-fil-A for their peppermint, chocolate chip, milkshake. It was so good, y'all! It kind of tasted like the mint chocolate chip, but it was pink (my favorite color) and had little bits of peppermint in it. I had been wanting one ever since I saw they were making it for the holidays. Go get one!

I had to share this pic of Bruce because it was so funny. I guess I was too close, plus he had just taken a sip of his strawberry shake. It just cracked us up.