Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I Choose to Stay at Home..Part I

Recently here at Thimble Thoughts, my motives for being a stay at home mom were questioned and I was actually accused of refusing to work and help contribute to the income tax base. I'm not one for sitting quietly while others speak of me as if they know me when they actually know nothing at all about me, so with that said I give you my "defense," if you will, as to why I CHOOSE to be a stay at home mom rather than REFUSE to work outside the home.

I find it vexatious when "the world" assumes they know what Christians are and think they know why we do things the way we do. There is always a "motive" with us in their minds. They don't comprehend or even begin to comprehend the fact that we truly believe and try to live the way God has laid out in Scripture. To them, the Bible is a great old history book. To us, it is the infallible, unchanging, ever-timely, WORD of THE righteous and LIVING God. We (Christians) may not always do right and live right, but we know that what we do and how we live will be judged by God on our judgment day. Everything we say and do is between the individual and God. If we think differently from the world and if we do differently from the world, we are accused of being fanatical. We are thought to be closed minded. But in my experience, an "open mind" usually means you have a big hole in your head.

I am presumed (by the worlds eyes) to spend all of my time with my children locked inside the house and only socializing with those who wear long skirts and have long hair. Homeschool, go to church, and every once in a while take my parade of Christianity to Wal Mart. The truth is, that is almost correct. Most of our female friends do wear long skirts and have long hair. A few of my friends homeschool. We spend a lot of time at church. And we do parade our Christianity at Wal Mart...among the many other public places we happen to be.

But that is not entirely my world. We attend a large church where we have many like-minded Christian friends. However, there are things in their lives that they do differently from us. We may not always agree or see eye-to-eye with them. And that's ok. The Bible says that we are to work out our own salvation. What God deals with me about in my life, may not be what God deals about with you in your life. But rest assure, if you are a child of God, seeking His will for your life, He will deal with you according to what He feels is most important in your life to correct.

Do I wear pants? No. Do I hold or harbor bad feelings toward my Christian friends that do? Absolutely not. They are treated with the same respect and love that I give to my "long skirt-wearing friends".

To be honest, I don't even understand why this is an issue. What's wrong with wearing a modest skirt or dress anyway? I just don't understand why that bothers the world so much. lol

I will tell you that there have been friends in my church family that I have had to discontinue fellowship with for one reason or another, but when dealing with the family of God, there are certain guidelines given to us by God in which we have to abide by. And when choosing "worldly friends" there is a whole other set of guidelines. You can not expect an unsaved person to live a saved person's life. Like Pastor Goodman often says, "When fishing for men, you catch 'em...God will clean 'em."

So I suppose this is the beginning of a two or three days series...maybe four to why I choose to be a stay at home mom and not just someone who refuses to work. I know I got off on a little rabbit trail, but there are several misunderstandings about me and I wanted to take this opportunity to help others understand me a little better. Now aren't you glad you stopped by today?.