Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good News and Family Genes!

Daddy is doing pretty good these days. He is still very weak, but all along he has kept up his spirits. The other day he had to go for some blood work and they told him they wanted him to see an Oncologist for a bone marrow test. But, praise the Lord, they called him today and said his blood work came back great and there's no reason for him to go. This was certainly great news!!
Justin did a wonderful job on his ACT today. He was really nervous and said he was just glad he didn't throw up. Bless his heart. He starts his computer course Friday.
I was thinking how time does fly by when you're having fun. It's been such a blessing to homeschool my children from the very beginning. My friend, Velda (HI VELDA!), mentioned that out of her six children, she only has one left to homeschool now. I felt sad for her and then realized that not too far down the road, I'll only have two, and then one. They just grow up so fast. Like Kristy asked in her post today, why don't our children listen when we tell them to stop growing??
I was thinking back to when Justin was a little baby and how much he looked like his daddy. This is Bruce when he was a baby. He was six weeks old here. His mustache had already started growing. It's a rare family gene, you know.

Of course, Justin's didn't come in until he was about seven.

By the time Bruce was in high school, he was quite dashing, although the black mustache seemed odd with his golden locks.

And although Justin did get his mustache from Bruce's side of the family, he bares a strong resemblance to my mother's side of the family as well.

I received a call today from Parker Brothers. They want Justin to pose as their new Mr. Monopoly.

Yes, they do grow up too quickly.