Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Night VBS 2008, PICTURES

Here are the banners I told you about. I painted all day last Wednesday and finished up just a few minutes before church started.

The puppet club house
Marching in to opening assembly
Some of the five year old class. We had sixteen five year olds tonight.
Pledges...doesn't Naomi look so small up there??

After our class time for Bible story, we headed outside for snack time.

Bubba (Pastor's dog) loves to play ball with the children.
Sweet Emily was having a good time playing too. Isn't she an absolute doll?
Carla's boys had heard there was a candy gun. They saw it and waited patiently for it to go off.
Nathan, Mark, Bradley, and Josh were our gunmen.

When that gun goes off, the candy flies through the air and the children know there is only a few seconds to get that candy off the ground.
Good thing Twinmama brought the purse! It was a good place to store that candy!
After crafts was closing assembly. The babies loved the puppets and the singing too.

Emily was having the most fun with Mrs. Jennifer.

The finale for each night is the penny war. The boys won tonight. What counts is which way those buckets drop on Friday night. Tonight the boys won. But I have a feeling the girls are going to pull out in front by the end of the week. I hope they do. Someone will get a pie in the face. A man if the girls win and a woman if the boys win. The victims have yet to be announced.
Twinmama's boy's heard there would be a PINE FACE!! (pie in the face) lol Isn't that cute?