Friday, August 8, 2008

Rescue 911, Friday

Each night, Brother Johnny was swarmed by children requesting to hold a flag.

Here you see Brother Johnny helping K with her flag. He was about to have a heart attack every time it came near the floor so he decided to help her hold it up. Good job, Brother Johnny!

Our Pastor is so American, even his dog, Bubba, says the pledges. What is UP with those eyes, though?

Tonight was hot dog night. The children AND the workers were glad to have dogs and all the fixins. Brother David and Brother Greg manned the grill. Thanks, y'all!

Mom and dad even made it tonight. They haven't missed teaching Bible school in almost 40 years and it was really nice to see them there tonight.

Red icing on a napkin was all that was left from daddy's cupcake. And I hear there wasn't much left from his dog either.

This is a newer member to our church. She is quiet, but has been helpful and has a great smile to share with others. She's a go-getter too, bringing new people to church all the time. We have seen several of her visitors give their heart to Christ.

Sadly, I did not recognize this little fellow until his grandmother told me who he was. Last time I saw him he was a pudgy little baby in our nursery with blonde hair that stood up on end and waved at ya. He's growing up!

And once again we have Faith posing silly with icing all over her. What a little Missy she is!

The three year olds were decked out in their crowns tonight. Aren't they cute?

The penny war of 2008 ended tonight and the buckets weighed.
The girls total weight: 92 pounds
The boys total weight: 180 pounds
Yep, that's right...the boys POUNDED the girls in pennies tonight. Needless to say, Jennifer got the pie in the face. I felt bad for her at first, but then didn't feel bad at all once she made her entrance onto the platform.

In all fairness, Brother Johnny made her take off the face shield.

When Jonathan went to smash the pie in her face, she jumped up and retaliated with a can of whipped cream.

Yes, a match made in Heaven, these two. Should make for an interesting marriage....less than 45 days away!

It's been a wonderful week and I was blessed to teach such a great and funny class of five year olds. And I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Kellie, Linda, Amy, and Carla for helping in the class this week. What would I have done without y'all?? Y'all were GREAT!

And to close out my week long post on VBS, I think this picture of little Ethan is a great example of what each VBS worker is looking forward to tonight!