Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day With the Folks and a Little About My Weekend

This morning I took my mom to run some personal errands. We had a good time riding together and talking.
It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. Mostly on and off, but when it's on it's heavy and long. Mom and dad gave me this very rainbow umbrella.

Don't you just love it? I do! I found it rather ironic that it was raining so hard as I held a rainbow umbrella. You know, Rainbow, being the symbol of God never to destroy the earth by flood again? :) If you click on the picture, you can see how heavy the rain was. It's been like this all day and probably won't let up until the weekend.

I ran errands with Hannah and Harry while Justin was at Auto Body class and then later this evening my parents came for supper. We had a very nice visit and I was happy they were able to come. Especially since they brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts and cheese danishes. LOL

Saturday, the kids and I helped in the bus ministry for their annual Water Day. It was a very wet day! Mrs. Janet, Mrs. Pam, Mrs. Amy, and myself stopped at Little Caesars and picked up 20 boxes of pizzas. Cameron and Alanna were happy to find that Mrs. Janet ordered plenty boxes of cheese.

Jeremy preached his first sermon to our bus kids. His message was on being sanctified. He did a great job! I was happy to have been there to hear it.

And of course Grandma Ola was there to lend moral support. Jamie thought I was taking a picture of him. LOL

After Jeremy's sermon, Brother Daniel got up and emphasized that "God wants YOU to be sanctified!"

After preaching the children couldn't WAIT to get outside in the water. These three boys came in to eat! And boy did they!

There was the Wild Rapids slide, which the children and adults alike had a blast sliding down.

A couple of girls turned on Brother Randy and fought him for the hose. This, of course, was after his wife, Mrs. Kellie, had fought him for it. Judging by how wet she is, I'd say she lost that battle.

TWO AT A TIME!! The line was so long.

Some of the teenagers came in to eat some more pizza. Good thing Mrs. Janet ordered 20 boxes!

Justin threw a water balloon at Mrs. Pam. So while he was enjoying a time of cookies and coke....

...Mrs. Pam got him back with a bucket of water.

He took it quite well.

Carissa thought it was funny too. Notice the camo culottes she's wearing. I believe those are the ones I made Celine ages ago.

Mrs. Freida was busy sweepin' and moppin' while everyone played in the water. I don't think she got wet at all. We'll have to fix that THIS Saturday!

Brother Andrew had the funniest look on his face when I snapped this pic of him. He is so sweet and so funny.

Poor Mrs. Janet had so much to do Saturday besides Water Day. But while she was cleaning the tables, Brother Randy threw water on her and she ended up having to buy a new shirt before she did her other errands. But she said that was OK. She needed a new shirt anyway.

After Water Day was over, several of us loaded up the vans and headed to a church member's home to help her move. The guys made the actual moving trips and us gals helped put things away as much as we could since they're having their house painted this week. Then we all headed back to the fellowship building for supper together. I think we were all exhausted that night.


Sunday afternoon we had a bridal shower for Jennifer, who is marrying our Associate Pastor's son, Jonathan, in just a few short weeks.

Mrs. Vondie, Mrs Ava (our Pastor's wife) and Mrs. Becky always do a great job on our church showers.

There was a pretty good turn out for the shower. I was happy about that.

Mrs. Kim couldn't put her camera down, but she did stop to smile for me. Hi Kim!

The gift table

Jennifer was having a good time playing with one of our Foster children at church. One of the families in our church have the CUTEST little foster kids. They've pretty well raised their family already and my heart was touched Sunday as I watched them walk out of the church with four little ones. So sweet. This one (I don't want to give her name) has the chubbiest little legs. I just have to squeeze 'em every time I see her.