Sunday, August 24, 2008

Name That Tune

The kids and I were playing a game of Name That Tune tonight. I would click on a song in my iTunes Library and after only a few bars I would stop the song and Justin would guess what it was. Hannah and I were very impressed at how well he was doing.

At one point in the game I clicked on the song When I Get Carried Away, by Gold City. You know the one.....

I'm gonna let the glory roll when the roll is called in glory
I'm gonna get beside of myself when I get beside the King, that day
I'm gonna have the time of my life when the time of my life is over
I'm gonna get carried away, when I get carried away

Just as Justin was about to shout out the answer, Harrison yelled, "I'm Gonna Get Buried Away!"

Needless to say, we all got tickled.

Since this post is somewhat about music, here is a video of our youth choir, along with a few past members, singing That Story Will Never Grow Old. Enjoy!