Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last night we celebrated daddy's sixty-third birthday. Mom's legs and back give her so much trouble that her totally awesome lasagna was out of the question, but she did manage to serve up some good Stouffer's lasagna, salad, and garlic bread. Daddy wanted green beans with his, but EWW!
I was feeling drained and like I'm getting a cold so I wasn't feeling well, but we still had a lot of laughter last night.

Amy made this great John Deere logo cake for daddy. If you've read his blog, you know he's a John Deere man and goes by the name "Mow Man." That was the name of his lawn service when he did that. Anyway, the cake was delish and as usual, we were blown away at Amy's handiwork.

Dolly enjoyed John's leftover ice cream. She is ridiculously spoiled!

My sweet mama...

After supper and dessert, daddy opened his gifts and cards.

He's lost so much weight over the last few months that his pants are huge on him. So John bought him a pair of cargo pants, which he looked great in. So he posed for us with a hammer haning on the side.

Then he posed for us with his hard hat and safety glasses. lol

The hat needed to be adjusted because it kind of sat right on top of his head. So John adjusted it for him and then it sat on his head like a lamp shade.

John left while I cleaned the kitchen...(how convenient)...and then we watched some of the Olympics. Well, they watched some of the Olympics. I passed out on the couch. And Harrison snuggled in the chair with Paw Paw.

Dolly felt like I did and passed out behind daddy's chair. That's her spot when Bruce is around. She's scared to death of him for some reason. He has that effect on dogs. All dogs but Tipsy. She grins at him when she sees him coming at her.

Daddy, I'm so glad we were able to celebrate another birthday with you. I love you very much!