Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Night VBS 2008, "911, Jesus To The Rescue"

I have pictures from tonight, but blogger is being very uncooperative and won't let me upload the pics. That drives me nuts.

We had a good time. Carla, whom I recently met through blogging, showed up with her two precious boys and stayed in my class. I have never seen twin boys more cute! They were sweet too. And I don't know WHY I was nervous, but I was. Maybe it was because I don't know her well and I felt under scrutiny. lol But it's all good!

Our story tonight was about Noah and most all of the children knew the story. What blessed me the most was Mander's little nephew, Logan. Logan doesn't know about saying grace before he eats, or the Bible stories our children know. He doesn't know about Sunday school or worship service. But he KNOWS what the Bible is. He was so proud to carry his Bible tonight. Mander discussed the story of Noah with him before VBS. So when I asked questions tonight, he was able to answer them and he was so proud of that. But the way he loved his Bible was so sweet. He brought it to me and pointed to the binder, "What does that say?" I looked at it and answered, "Holy Bible." His little eyes widened and sparkled as he took in a deep breath, looking at the Bible in such amazement. Very slowly he repeated me, "Holy Bible!" This is what VBS is about. Sharing the gospel with children and helping to lead the little ones to Christ.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night.