Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rescue 911, Wednesday

Celine....ain't she cute?

This is Destiny. She's been a bus kid since we started the bus ministry. She used to be a wild child, but I hear she's growing up and has become quite the sweetheart!

We do not cancel Wednesday prayer meeting because of VBS. Prayer meeting starts a little later than usual though. Some of those that came from prayer meeting got involved in singing Father Abraham with us. There in the middle is Brother Bill and his wife. Brother Billy was just saved not too long ago. They're a blessing.

Tonight was cupcake night. The children were glad of that. Look at Cameron's face. Is he not a doll? I could just squeeze his little cheeks every time I see him....gently, of course.

Julie had a difficult time getting her little mouth around the enormous mound of icing on her cupcake.

Apparently so did this little cutie!

In keeping with our Rescue theme, the National Guard was showing us one of their jeeps. Harrison LOVED that!

I had a surprise for the children tonight. It's been so hot, Amy suggested small water guns. So I went to Dollar Tree yesterday and picked up several packs of four. Oh, you'll like this story...I went in specifically for water guns. But as I was looking for them, I saw those Little Debbie jelly cream pies. You know the ones, right? Well, I was so happy about finding those, because I love 'em, that I took them up front to check out. It wasn't until I was walking out the door and noticed the water guns on the wall that I realized I had not purchased what I came in for. HA! I had to laugh at myself.
Well, I didn't buy enough guns so I just filled them with water and saved them for tonight. The children had a ball squirting each other outside. Because you know, we wouldn't want them squirting the water guns INside. That would be teaching them something naughty.
Brother Randy and Mrs. Kellie, however, seemed to enjoy squirting each other inside. Oh dear...if the adults never behave, how can we expect the children to?

Tonight's puppeteers!

Marigrace and her daddy, Brother Jeff.

The little ones love the puppets and try to get as close to them as possible. It's good to see them all at the alter, isn't it? hehe

And now, the many faces of Faithy.....

Like her mama, this one!

Our National Guardsmen (Brother Jeff and Brother Jay) weighed the pennies tonight.