Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Happy Morning

I started on my bench yesterday but forgot to take a "before" picture. It took a couple of hours to apply the primer. Bruce is going to buy me some paint this weekend. Even with just the primer on it's already looking pretty. I think I'm going to paint it white and stencil a scripture verse across the back. I thought that would be pretty.

I dropped Justin off at his class this morning. He had to be there at 8:00. On the way home, I stopped at Wal Mart to pick up the last of my school supplies I needed. I also bought a small box of Krispy Kreme, chocolate covered, cream filled doughnuts and an orange soda. When I got home, Harrison was still in bed and had NO idea I had even been out of the house this morning. When he woke up we sat in the living room talking for a few minutes before I said, "Wouldn't a chocolate covered creme filled doughnut and orange soda be good this morning?" He said, "Ohhhh, yeah, it would." I stood up and walked to the table, "Well let's have some then." His eyes grew wide, his eyebrows went down, and he said in amazement, "How'd you do that?" HA! I know that doughnuts and orange soda aren't exactly the healthiest way to start out the day, but we were out of pop tarts.

I also spoke with daddy this morning. He was laughing and chuckling over an email I had sent my mother. I'm glad I could start his morning off with a smile.

I'm getting ready to work on organizing our book shelves and packing up old school books for future use. That should be an all day job. So before I begin, I'll throw a roast in the crock pot. See ya later!