Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinosaurs, Youth Meetings, and Sweet Surprises

Daddy sent me this picture last week. It was taken of Harrison several years ago at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. At the time he was into dinosaurs. What little boy this age isn't? When he saw this little statue he thought it was a baby dinosaur and wanted to hug it. So cute.
Love Valley was hosting the 2008, Redigging the Wells Youth Rally. Brother Lee Davis preached and he was really good. I had never heard him before and would like to hear him again. Our youth, as well as the youth from other churches that showed up, were invited to join in with Love Valley's youth choir. They all sounded wonderful and it was good to see our kids just jump right in on the worship service and worship like they do in their home church. That was a blessing. It was also a blessing when Brother Philbeck asked the preachers in the house to stand up and tell where they were from, to see Jeremy pop up and say for the first time, "Faith Baptist Church." He announced his surrender to preach when they came back from Puerto Rico.
I was sick all night Saturday night and all day Sunday, sleeping pretty much all day long until about 8:30 PM. So when my mother called and said that my niece Taylor had come to spend the day and night with them Sunday I was so upset that I missed her. I haven't seen her in FOREVER. She's growing up!! :(

Mom and dad brought Hannah home Sunday night to pick up clothes and so both girls stayed with their grandparents for the night. Apparently they stayed up WAY TOO LATE giggling and chatting. I'm glad they were able to have that time together.