Monday, August 18, 2008

What Are We Doing Today?

I ordered my children's school books Saturday morning. Yeah, I know...nothing like waiting 'til the last minute. They should be here, Lord willing, by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. I always order when everyone else is ready to begin school. That way, I get the end of summer discount AND I don't have to wait as long for the order to process.

Hannah is spending a few days with a lady in our church. She's helping her pack up her house to move closer to our town. They've been praying and looking for a house in this area for a long while, driving almost an hour to church. They were also praying for their daughter to get in at one of our local Christian schools. The Lord answered both of those prayers right on time for them. So Hannah will help them pack for a few days and come home Wednesday night after church. Then Saturday, some of the men in the church will be helping them move. I'm so happy for this family.

Justin and I drove up the road and picked up some magazines I got from freecycle and we'll be giving those to our dear, sweet, teacher friend, Mrs. Anna. On our way back, we stopped at mom and dad's to see if Brother Randy needed help getting daddy into the house. We had a really tough time Friday. Anyway, Brother Randy had already got him in the house and was pulling out of the drive when we got there. But we were able to visit with my parents for a few minutes before I had to drop Justin off at work. He'll be working until sometime into the evening today. He had his first computer class at community college Friday and he'll start his first Auto Body class tomorrow morning. He's pretty excited about that.

And Harrison...well, this is just watching our cat eat a bird, giving me the play by play of the whole ordeal. BOYS! What will we do with them? I suppose we could consider this as Science, right? He cracked me up last night. We had an after glow with the youth and their parents. He came up to me giggling and carrying on. He told me that he and his friend Matt were playing hide and seek, but he wasn't going to look for Matt. He was just going to leave him hiding. He thought that was so hilarious.

Bruce bought me some things I needed to start a new project. Mom and dad gave me a bench that belonged to my Paw Paw. So I'm getting ready to paint it and dress it up a bit. I have an idea floating in my head but it really hasn't become a "vision" so right now, I'm just painting. I also want to do some things in the kid's rooms this week.

We have another funeral to attend this week. Last night during church, we were told that our Mrs. Debbie had gone to Heaven after fighting cancer the last several months. It seems as though it's becoming a busy week, so blogging may be sparse and if it is, you know why!

So have a great week! OH! Stop by Paw Paw's paradise and see his last two posts.