Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whistle While I Work

Today I'm tackling my desk drawer. Every school year I clean it out and it's almost empty. At the end of the year, it's slap full. The drawers on this desk are really deep. How does that happen, anyway?

I'm also finishing the boy's room today. I wasn't going near the closet yesterday, but I couldn't help myself. I tried doing the I Dream of Jeanie blink, but it doesn't work. The Bew*tched nose wiggle didn't work either. And wouldn't you know, I couldn't find a magic wand anywhere! So it ended up taking longer in their room than I intended. Oh well.

Do y'all enjoy that type of cleaning? Closets, drawers, cabinets? I probably don't do it as often as I should, but when I do get around to it, I love it. It is difficult to pull myself away from it, though, once I get started. Anyone else like that? I should probably try the
suggestion of no more than five minutes on one thing at a time. Who has tried that and found it helpful?