Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today Is Another Day

I accomplished absolutely NOTHING I wanted to accomplish yesterday. Well, that's not entirely true. I did make it to the desk drawer. But that's ok. Today is another day, right? I'm getting ready to tackle the boy's room....again.

I had taken Justin to work yesterday and drove over to see if my parents needed anything. They really didn't, but I was able to make up mom's bed, pick up a few things around the house, and have lunch with them. As usual, there were lots of giggles and cuttin' up.

Daddy picked Justin up from work and brought him back to their house. He ate his lunch and then we came back home. Justin was really dirty and really tired after work so between him showering and napping, there was no way I was getting in their room before getting ready for church and cooking supper. Oh, supper...yeah, I didn't really cook yesterday either. It was egg salad sandwiches on the Wednesday night menu because SOMEONE...ahem me...forgot to take meat out of the freezer. Speaking of which, I better do that now or we'll be eating egg salad again tonight.

Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it....yet!
~Anne of Green Gables~