Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rescue 911, Tuesday

Those red slips of paper you see in Brother Johnny's hands signify children who have accepted Christ. Two children were saved tonight. Praise the Lord! That's what it's about!

This is Logan, holding his Bible. One little girl asked him last night, "Why is your Bible so old?" He answered, "Because it's God's WORD!"

We line up in the hall and march into opening assembly together. This is facing one way and we were still waiting on others to show up.

This is facing the other direction. Lots of kiddos!

Our class had sixteen last night and we picked up three tonight.

Since Rescue 911 is our theme, tonight we had a local fire station bring in one of their trucks. The kids loved that.

Especially Harrison. He was eager to climb up there for a picture.

When we went back inside, we worked the craft we started last night. This was a difficult craft, let me tell ya! But Mrs. Kellie, Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Linda, and Mrs. Carla did a great job with those wiggly eyes! LOL

This picture was just funny because one of the teens was throwing their puppet in the air to make the kids laugh. It was like it was cutting flips with the music.

Drake, that cutie pie there with the sweet smile, is such a great kid. We love him a lot at our church!

The penny war is truly on! Jonathan and Jennifer are getting married next month and have been chosen to be our designated pie-in-the-face people. If the boys win Friday, Jenn gets a pie in her face. If the girls win Friday, Jonathan gets a pie in his face.

The boys won the penny war again tonight. Jenn may be feeling a little nervous. GO GIRLS!!!