Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harrison and I picked Justin up from work and made it just in time to attended Brother Rector's funeral today. I haven't cried so hard at a funeral in a LONG time. I wasn't crying because Brother Rector is gone and we won't see him again until Heaven. Although that makes me sad, I was crying for Mrs. Rector. She was his sweetheart for sixty-two years and he was so loving to her. Always calling her his sweetheart, his bride, his best friend. My heart is truly breaking for her. I really lost it when, through such sorrow and sadness, Mrs. Rector raised both of her hands into the air in praise to the Lord while the trio sang When He Reached Down His Hand For Me.

After the funeral, Harrison left to spend a few days with mom and dad. I guess I'll get him Friday when I go clean. Hannah came home with me after the funeral and tonight she spent a little time with her daddy while he practiced with a group at church.

This picture doesn't do this dessert justice, but trust me, it was good! My brother, John came over tonight and when he came, he brought along a gallon of ice cream and ALL the fixins' for a Banana Split. It was so good.
Thanks, John!

As if the banana splits weren't enough, John graciously helped Justin with some Algebra solutions. Justin is taking his ACT tomorrow and needed a little refresher course.
Again...Thanks, JOHN!!!!

Well, I am very tired!! So I'm off to bed. I think I'll sleep in tomorrow!
OH YEAH! If you know my dad's cell phone number, give him a call!! He got his new cell phone and since he can't get the old one to turn on to retrieve your numbers, he wants you to call him. If you don't have his cell phone number, let me know!