Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Frolicking

I had a very good day yesterday. We knew the snow was coming so I was up early to get some things done before it got here. Justin and I went over to my parent's house and pulled their kerosene heater out of the building for them. Well, I sat in the house and talked with mom while Justin pulled the heater out. :)

When that was done, we headed out to the grocery store and got all the milk and bread they had left. ha ha...just kidding. But I did get all of my groceries picked up and back to the house just in time to make a lunch date with my friend, Betsy. We ate at one of my favorite places in town, The Cup and Saucer Tea Room. They have such great food there and their recipes are TOP SECRET! lol

We had a great girlie time and enjoyed some chit-chat!
We enjoyed a leisurely two hour and fifteen minute lunch with some funny stories and lots of laughs. I love her. LOL

When I got home, Bruce and I took off to run errands and have a date. We decided to check out the new Western Sizzlin' in Shelby. We ordered from the buffet, but I think next time I'd like to order off their menu.
When we finished up our supper, we exchanged Valentine cards and gifts. Of course he wrote me a very sweet poem. I love his poems. :) When we came back outside, the snow was beginning to fall and stick good.

We drove over to the mall and walked around inside for a while. We ran into a bunch of Bruce's kin folk and a couple of others he worked with at PPG.
When we came back out we decided to go home because we were afraid we would have a difficult time getting home. So we cut our date a little short.
This is my "is that snow" look.

This is the "Yeah, it IS snow!" look.

This is the "we have to cut our date short" look.

Hannah took this of me when we got home.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!