Friday, February 5, 2010

Revival Night 4

Thursday was the closing night of our revival and I must say this has been a wonderful week! What a great time we had with Brother Davis!

He preached on A Troubled Christ. In the first three books of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, never mention Christ's troubles. But in the book of John, John exposes Christ being troubled as the Son of God.

In John 11:14 He was not troubled with death. He knew where the saints would be. But in John 11:33, when he saw Mary weeping, His heart grieved for her. He felt her sorrow for her. The Bible says He groaned in His spirit, and was troubled. He is troubled with funeral proceedings. He hurts for us when we lose our loved one, and although we may be joyful in their home-going, our hearts ache in knowing that until we get to Heaven, there will be sorrow in missing them. He understands that and He is troubled by it.

John 12:27, He was troubled in His soul for what He was about to face on the cross. He did not want to face the pain and suffering. He experienced more physical pain than our bodies will possibly ever know. Hebrews 14:15 says that He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He knows when our body aches and the pain seems so bad we just want to quit and give up and sometimes even die. He knows the pain. He understands it and He is troubled by it.

Then in John 13:21 He was troubled in His spirit that He would be betrayed. He was troubled at false professions. Judas kissed the Door of Heaven and went to Hell. Not even the other disciples, followers and friends of Christ, knew that Judas would betray Christ. They did not know that Judas was not a true follower. Some believe Judas did not even know it himself and that's why he committed suicide. I don't know if that's true. But I do know that Christ was troubled in knowing that Judas said and did all the right things but saying and doing the right things were not going to get him to Heaven. He never made that true profession of faith. Christ is troubled by our false professions.

This was a great sermon. Before our revival I had heard Brother Davis one time before at Love Valley. I really enjoyed him then. But it was so good to get several days of his preaching and I'm pretty sure our Pastor will have him again. I hope so. I hate it for those who were not able to be there. My parents for one. They needed these sermons so much and were stuck at home due to weather and illness. But I hate it more for those who could have but chose not to. They missed so much more.

Here are a few more videos of our revival. Hope they're a blessing.
Sons of Faith, I'm Gonna Drop My Anchor

Staff Trio, God Is So Good

Staff trio, Someone Is Walking With Me In The Flames

Brother Davis, Christ is Troubled