Wednesday, February 17, 2010


OK, let me explain this picture. LOL My friend, Tammy, said he looked like the pope in this picture, all wrapped up in those blankets, and all he needed was the hat. So naturally I found a picture of one on the Internet and cloned it on his head. He'll crack up when he sees this.

The results from daddy's ultra sound showed that his carotid arteries are 70% blocked. The doctors feel that surgery is necessary and is not sending him home until both arteries have been cleaned out.

It is looking, right now, that he will have the first of two surgeries Thursday. We do not know that for sure, however, he will have dialysis Wednesday (today), so I doubt they will do the surgery before Thursday. Because of dialysis on Friday, I would think they would do the second surgery between Saturday and Monday. All of this is speculation at the time. I'm sure we will know more tomorrow.

The doctor has explained that this is a serious procedure and there are complications that could easily arise. So we are much in prayer over safety.

Daddy is certainly not looking forward to this, but he knows that once he has it done he will feel so much better. His blood pressure will not go sky high, his oxygen numbers will go up, and he won't pass out any more.

There are other issues I am concerned about, but I do not think they are linked to the particular problems with his carotid arteries. I'll ask the doctor about it when I see him/her.

I plan on taking mom to the hospital sometime after lunch.

Thank you for all the prayers going up on daddy's behalf!