Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Sunday In Review

Yesterday in the morning service two little girls came forward to get saved. It was so sweet. Pastor Goodman was telling this little one that we loved her and were going to be praying for her and we wanted her to come back. She quietly said, "Thank you." It was precious.

Pastor had some of the other children their age to come up and shake their hands. Michaela came up and gave the sweetest hug. It made me cry.

We have had so many new members to our church since before Thanksgiving. It's just been amazing. Two people joined yesterday. One is Megan. I've heard some good things about Megan and am looking forward to getting to know her more. Her brother joined a few weeks ago and is now working in our deaf ministry. It's been a blessing to see how quickly he got in and started serving.

The other one that joined is Mae. She's the sister of my friend, Amy. I don't get to speak to her a lot, but she is so nice and has a good sense of humor. A really sweet girl that loves the Lord and I was just bubbling when she came forward to join.

After services we went to mom and dad's house for supper. Mom made a huge pot of Sweedish Meatballs, green beans, baked potatoes with all the trimmings, and homemade yeast bread. We had a Hershey's Chocolate cream pie for dessert. Daddy was trying to open it before mom even had the table set.

My pops.

My love.

My mini me. :)

My Jr. Firefighter. *sigh*

My madre' and her really, really, really, really, really, REALLY, good bread. Man, I would love a slice of that right now!!!! lol

Mom had made up the guest bed for Bruce and me to take a nap after Sunday dinner. It was some good sleeping too. Thanks, mom, for being so sweet!!
When we woke up, it was time to get ready for evening service. Harrison came in with my mom's witch's hat on. LOL I have no idea where he found that thing. I guess he was going through one of her closets and found it in a bunch of old stuff and decided he would wear it. He's so crazy.

Harrison wanted to do a Nutri System commercial. So here it is....

After the evening service, we had a fellowship for our Associate Pastor and his wife, Brother Johnny and Mrs. Vondie. He's been the associate at Faith for 19 years. It is also their anniversary today, so we were celebrating that as well.
I wasn't able to get up and take a lot of pictures but Bruce was sweet and took some for me! Thanks, honey!
Brother Johnny laying one on Mrs. Vondie. Isn't that sweet?

Time to cut the cake.

They have two sons. Both of which are called into the ministry. Brother Johnathan (far left) is our orchestra director and he and his wife, along with my friend, Kim, are Harrison's Patch teachers. He's great. We love him and his wife a LOT!! Spencer (far right with the really cheesy grin) is a high school senior this year and was called to preach recently.

This is baby girl. Isn't she precious? I could just kiss her cheeks off.

And this is Darlin'. Notice the candy in her hand? Uncle Wayne keeps it in his pocket and so when she gets to church she looks for him. And if you try to take her from him she'll tell you NO! She knows he's got the goods!!! lol

Here's a video of one of our ABC students (Doug) and his girlfriend singing O Rejoice In The Lord. Hannah is the daughter of Doug's pastor back home. She is a pretty girl and sings pretty too!
I'm going to the doctor for my knee today. Not looking forward to it, but I gotta go.