Friday, February 26, 2010

That And This

Someone asked what our favorite day of the week was. Mine is Thursday. You know how you reach the very top of a roller coaster in the first car and that car briefly peaks over the top before falling quickly to the bottom of the hill? That's my Thursday. Monday through Wednesday is the clankity-clank up the hill, Thursday is my peak and the excitement of what is coming and Friday through Sunday is the speed and excitement of the rest of the ride.

Friday is the loop you've been waiting on. You know, the one you see as you enter the amusement park and think to yourself, "I gotta ride that!"

Saturday is the unexpected turns and twists you had no idea were coming, but thoroughly enjoy nonetheless!

And Sunday are those last few exciting hills that bring you to the end of the best ride ever!

Yeah...Thursday is my favorite day. The peak. Because I know the rest of the ride is what it's all about!


We had a good day today. Justin had his long day at the college and we had a pretty fair day of homeschooling. Things seemed to go smoothly.

I started supper, but Hannah took over when Bruce announced he wanted him and me to take his mom out for supper. It was a blessing treating both my parents and my mother-in-law to dinner out this week.

Hannah made BBQ pork ribs and I'll admit that, although, I ate my share at the Asian Buffet, I still tried her BBQ when I got home and it was GOOD! She also made some chocolate, peanut butter chip cookies. They were different, but they were good too. She's quite the cook, my little Banna.


Have you been watching the Olympics? I've enjoyed it, myself. But is it just me, or has there been an unusual amount of drama this year? People dying, feelings of being jilted out of a medal, whole teams being disqualified because they cheated, rival countries making those representing them feel inadequate if they lose to the other country, skiers losing their chance at their medal because they got the raw end of the rules....It's been a crazy winter Olympics.


I read a blog post today on Michael and Debi Pearl. I've never really DISliked what the Pearls had to say, but I certainly do not hang on every word they say either. And I think they are on the extreme side as far as discipline. I think the Bible should be our final authority in everything, including raising our children. I just want to say that if you read and try their parenting advice, remember that we should emulate Jesus Christ in our parenting. Show mercy from time to time. It's like I told someone this afternoon, sometimes showing mercy teaches a greater lesson to a child than discipline itself. I'm not saying we should NEVER discipline our children. Of course we have to. But sometimes God shows us mercy when He really should just let us have it.

I guess the whole point of this is, just be careful of the advice you seek and take from other people. Pray for discernment no matter who you're reading from.


Tomorrow we'll be heading down the roller coaster hill into that loop by going on a date. I do love going out with my darlin'. He's so wonderful! Can't wait to hold his hand and look into those sweet eyes of his. I do love that man.