Monday, February 1, 2010

We've had some wintery weather around here. For those of you who are used to lots of snow and ice several months of the year, this would be a little like spring for y'all. Churches all over were closing their doors yesterday. Our church never closes its doors. We were told to use good judgement. So when hubby got up Sunday morning and saw our street was a giant block of ice, he felt it better to stay home from the morning service.
That afternoon our church secretary called to say evening service would be at 5:00. She also said that over a hundred people showed up for morning service and it was really good! I hated we missed. We do live on secondary roads that are never salted and with our little family car, it's not a good idea to drive around in ice and snow. But I was happy for the ones that were actually able to plow through whatever they had to, to get to service.

Bruce scoped things out and the ice on our street was melting. So he did some things to the car and we were ready for service at 5:00! We had a GREAT crowd!! Because other doors were closed, we had an overflow of their people. It was a good way to kick off our revival meetings.

Brother Rocky Shelton, along with Brother Dusty Brackett and the Cross Roads Rescue Mission showed up. I think about fifty of them all together. It was good having them with us. Evangelist Keith Linzy and his family were there. Several ABC students came. It was great!! I am so glad we did not miss!!!

The scenery on the way to church was beautiful.

All weekend I have thought about Psalm 51:7 "Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow." I think it's one of my favorite verses, thanks to my friend, Tori, in Croatia. She made a beautiful snowy computer background with that verse on it and I see it everyday. Did a little study on the hyssop, which I hope to post about soon. You'll see why it's become a favorite verse.

With the beauty of the snow, comes the scary icy roads. Although I was sorry we missed the morning service, I was glad my husband used good judgement. The roads we take to church were still not clear and I admit, I was nervous. lol

But hubby did good! And he settled my nerves by taking the main roads back home.

If you're in the area, we have revival beginning tonight at 7:00, with Brother Eddie Davis. Email me for directions if you need them! :)