Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm a little put off at what the doctors are saying about daddy now. The CAT they did on him to confirm the ultra sound showed that his left carotid was all mushy and there is some bleeding but they don't know why. Well now they want to send him home...make an appointment in their office for a stress test...come back for paper work for the surgery....and then set up an appointment for surgery. Are you kidding me?

Mom is giving them "what for" in a little bit. At least I hope she is! We'll see what happens. She's been advised by me, Mrs. Janet, and our Pastor to take him on to Charlotte if they release him regardless of how she feels. SO! We'll see what happens.

On a lighter note, we did have a good day yesterday. I picked mom up and took her Secret Pal gift to her. Just in case her secret pal is reading this, I thought you might like to see the pictures. She just LOVED her apron. She had a fit over it.

She died laughing at the coffee....I think because it's Jack Daniel's brand and she can sip on it after taking her homemade medicine. ha haaa!

And she loved her trivet. She's thinking of a place in the kitchen to hang it. Thank you, mama's secret pal, it was such a great "pick me up" for her!!

When we got to the hospital, daddy was resting from his dialysis treatment. Doesn't he look peaceful? Should have seen him later when he was all slumped over and drooling.

Mom was able to read him the little card Ally made for the two of them, using the little Valentine candy hearts. It was so precious. They both loved it.

I had stopped at Walgreens in Gastonia to pick up the picture I had developed and he died laughing over that. He thought it was really funny.

He's been eating great, but after his CAT yesterday, his vertigo kicked in and bless his heart he was sick on his stomach for a while after. So he took a few bites of his chicken, a green bean and bite off his roll and that was it for him. Before I left that evening, I made sure he had crackers, fruit, and drinks on his table in case he got hungry through the night.

I crawled in bed with him too. It was peachy warm and comfortable.

My sweetie pie showed up. I really wasn't expecting him, it being church night, but he decided to come because he was afraid he wouldn't get to see daddy again before he had surgery. One of the nurses came in and she happened to be someone Bruce graduated with. So they did a little catching up.

All in all a good day. Just waiting now to see if the doctors will actually listen to my mom's concerns or if they'll send daddy home anyway.