Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OW! and an Update on Dad

Sunday night after church Bruce gave Justin some money to pick up a couple of pizzas from Pizza Hut. When Justin came home we all sat down to eat. All of the sudden there was a loud crack from across the room. I looked up to see Bruce spitting his pizza back onto his plate. I said, "DID YOU JUST CRACK A TOOTH??" He sat there a minute feeling inside of his mouth and said, "I sure did." And boy, did he!

There was a very small pork bone in one of the sausages and when he bit down, it cracked his molar right in half. Needless to say, he ended up at the dentist Monday afternoon.

These tools were laying out when I went back to sit with Bruce. These type of tools scare me. LOL I don't like these tools.

Dr. Howard has been seeing Bruce since he was a kid. He was a really nice man. I liked him a lot. His staff was very sweet also. And I absolutely loved their office and rooms.

Bruce was doing great as they ended up extracting the tooth. He had some other options, but they were going to include $3,000 and an oral surgeon. YIKES!

When I saw Dr. Howard pull this tool he's holding out of its package, I got the heebie-geebies and questioned whether or not I should be in there. Things like this are not something my stomach can handle. I don't even like to see my children wiggle a loose tooth. Grosses me out!

Alas, the extraction was a success. :) Yep, that's one tooth. The piece in the middle has little horns, if you look closely. Those are the nerves.

And lest anyone think we are upset at Pizza Hut, we really are not. These things happen and we will be ordering pizza from them again. However, we did run into Wanda from the children's dentist's office and she told us they've had several of these cases come in from Fatz, from where people have ordered their hamburger steak. So this has made us decide that we won't be eating any kind of ground meats when we're out. If this had happened at Pizza Hut we would have insisted that they take care of it. Personally, I don't believe we would have had to insist. But since it was take out and happened here at home, well, you can't really do anything about that. We're just thankful that we have dental insurance and that the Lord knew about this little incident long before we did!
And as an update on daddy, Bruce and I did meet them at the Sanger Clinic today for daddy's stress test. We actually got there just minutes before they finished up. He'll see the vascular surgeon tomorrow afternoon and we should know more then. Daddy came out of the stress test very hungry and so was mom, so we took them out to eat at the Western Sizzlin'. We all enjoyed it very much and, of course, we had a good time. However, none of us ordered anything with ground meat. :)