Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I got so tickled during church last night when I looked down and Harrison had on Nike play socks and dress shoes. Where was I when he walked out of the house???

Had another good crowd. The Associate from LV was there and others we enjoy seeing when we have special services.

My Mander and her Chris. :)

My Sweetie-pie!!

Brother Davis

I've uploaded several videos from the service. Some of the music and a couple of Brother Davis. Enjoy!!

The orchestra played It Is Well....

Sons of Faith sang He Broke the Chains. I'm glad he broke my chains!!

Tradition sang When I Wake Up....

Vintage sang God Saves Old Sinners. Someone said last night they were glad God saves young sinners too. I'm glad He'll save all sinners! :)

This is a portion of the sermon where Brother Davis was talking about his daughter who had just been told that her baby would be born with downs and have a number of health issues. The doctor had been pressuring her to abort the baby because she didn't realize how awful it would be.

Brother Davis was speaking about how in the OLD TESTAMENT times they spoke of their sins being as far as East is from the West and in the depths of the sea, but that was only for the Old Testament times when sins were forgiven once a year by the blood of doves, and goats, and lambs. But when The Lamb of God died, the sins were GONE forever. No where to be found. GOOD STUFF!