Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back In The Hosptial

Daddy was put in the hospital Sunday morning.

On their way to church, daddy told mom he wasn't feeling right and then slumped over. Mom thought he was kidding at first and nudged him but then realized he had passed out. He woke up and passed out again. Mom, of course, pulled the car over and jumped out to get to him. Bless her heart, it terrified her. Someone passing by stopped and called 911 and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Although he is on dialysis, his body is still retaining a great bit of fluid. He has shortness of breath, loss of memory, and his blood pressure has been extremely high this past week.

While visiting with him yesterday his spirits were very high. We shared a lot of laughs and hours of story telling. He's so silly. I guess that's where I get it from.

The doctors have not been able to tell him what's wrong with him, so when I found this card I had to buy it. He loved it, showing it to every person that walked in.

This morning my mom called to tell me the results of the ultra sound on his carotid arteries. His arteries have been blocked for a while, but the ultra sound has showed more damage since the last time they were checked. This would explain the lack of oxygen, which has been in the 80's, and of course the passing out and his blood pressure. There's no good blood flow there. The good news is that his MRI did not show a recent stroke. I was thankful to hear that yesterday. So right now we're just waiting on the doctors to decide what they're going to do about those main arteries. They are discussing a couple of options right now.
Please pray for wisdom and direction in their decisions.