Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Visit With the Folks

Hannah did not find the book she was wanting at the Library. But she did find two others, which I'm sure she'll have read before the week is up.

Mom and dad came over today. Daddy had taken mom out for an early Valentine's Day dinner. On their way home, they stopped to give the children and Bruce and me and Valentine's Day gift and card. The children had their boxes of candy eaten in about a minute.

While they were here, they played a game of UNO Flash with the kids. This game was given to us by my brother and has become the favorite game in the house. You've never heard so much laughing, fighting, and carrying on than when this game is played. It was funny watching daddy try to keep up and, I have to admit, I was really impressed with mom! She was becoming fast on her button!

Before they left, I snagged some pictures of them. Daddy was being a goof, as always. So some of them were of them laughing or being crazy.