Monday, March 1, 2010

Another New Member and an Update on Daddy's Surgery

We've had so many new converts and so many new members lately I've lost count. It's just been wonderful. We had another Ambassador student join our church. They're coming in by the van loads now and it has been SUCH a blessing!

This is Chris. We're excited about getting to know him better. I hear he plays the trumpet and may join our orchestra soon. YAY!

Last night at church, our Pastor had special prayer for my daddy, who WAS scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Pastor had all the young boys that have gone through his Sunday School class and are in his class now, come forward to pray. It was so sweet I just cried.

We had a disturbing call from daddy's doctor tonight and the surgery he was going to have Tuesday has been cancelled. They have rescheduled it for Friday. After several doctors from the Sanger clinic discussed his health they have decided to go a different route.

They know that he has recently had a heart attack, although we're not sure when. It could have been within the last year. Because John and I took him to Charlotte about a year ago and all the tests they did on his heart came back good. Nothing was found. They also see where he has a part of his heart that is not receiving the blood flow it needs. This adds to the risk of his surgery. Also, the blockage is near the first vertebrae which makes the blockage closer to the jaw, which makes the passage more narrow and more difficult to get to. Therefore, they have decided to do stints. BUT! His health is so bad that instead of going through his leg they will go directly into his neck. This is very delicate and because of the risk of heart attack and/or stroke, they will not put him to sleep.

The fact that the surgery day was changed was really an answer to my mom's heart's prayer. She has been so sick with the stomach virus that she is very weak and having problems even standing up. She is feeling a little better today, but I am glad she will have a couple of days to recuperate before his surgery so that she can be there with him.

He did his preop today in Charlotte, and his surgery will be Friday.

Thank you so much, to everyone that is praying for my dad and mom, and for our entire family.