Friday, March 19, 2010

Pics are Up!

OK, Justin's senior pics are up if you want to see them. He told me tonight he wanted to do one more. So....we'll work on that soon. He wants the traditional senior portrait.

Click here to see the pics.

He went to a revival meeting to hear Brother Phil Kidd with a new friend of his tonight, who happens to be a young lady that apparently knows Brother Kidd very well. He threatened Justin about her. ha haaa!!! As a matter of fact, there were several men at the revival that threatened him about her. Now that's funny.

Brother Kidd did give him three of his preaching CDs. So I reckon that makes up for the threats. I dunno. :)

I had a great time with my hubby tonight. We ended up doing some needed graduation browsing for announcements and such. We also had a leisurely outdoor supper at Dairy Queen. The weather was so beautiful.

I am really looking forward to sleep tonight!! It's been a looooooooooong day!