Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lots of Stuff Going On!

This week is going to be a crazy week for us. We have a good many things going on.

Justin's graduation invitations came in today. They look great!

Tomorrow, a friend of Justin's will be spending the afternoon with us and going to church with us. She goes to a church in SC and they met at a revival meeting. She seems to be a nice girl and I'm sure I'll enjoy getting to know her better. We'll also be observing the Lord's supper at church tomorrow night. We don't do the Lord's supper as often as other churches, and when we do it's always very special to me. So I'm looking forward to that.

Then Thursday, Hannah and I will be going to work at the church, helping Mrs. Janet get things ready for revival. We begin revival with Brother Joe Arthur on Thursday. I am VERY excited about Brother Arthur coming. I tell ya, if you have never heard him preach, you've missed out!

Friday we'll be doing some normal things around here, Lord willing getting some things accomplished before the weekend. I know Justin is working Friday, but I'll be doing some needed errands and things before revival that night.

Then at Saturday's revival service, we will be hosting the youth from other churches, feeding them pizza afterwards. We always have a good turn out for that, but I wonder if we will this year, considering it will be Easter weekend. Never know. We'll see!! :)

I'm battling a migraine tonight. I took some Excederin Migraine and went to bed, but got to feeling a little sick laying there in bed so I'm back up. On a nicer note, I feel like the Excederin Migraine is working.

I finally have the pictures loaded from the ladies trip. You can click here to see those. Although I did take quite a few pictures, I'm afraid I didn't get a pic of all of our ladies that went. I hate that. But at least you can see the fun we had. :)