Thursday, April 1, 2010

Revival Time!

After I dropped Justin off at school this morning I came back home for a few minutes and headed to the church with Hannah. We did some things at the fellowship hall to help Mrs. Janet get things ready for Saturday night's revival and youth emphasis. It was a lot of fun though...found a dead frog in the building. That was gross. And kind of funny.

Janet and Kendra, me and Hannah, and Mander went to Mi Pubs for lunch. It was so good! Had a good time of fellowship and then we all picked Justin up from school. I think he was surprised to see Janet's van pull down into the bays to get him. He had a funny look on his face.

The day was absolutely beautiful!!! But the pollen and all that had my allergies going crazy. When I got home it felt like my throat was being poked with a pin every time I swallowed. I started chomping on Vitamin C and laid down for a nap while Bruce and Harry ran some errands. Justin and Hannah were taking naps too. I guess we were all just tuckered out. ha!

When I got up it was time for revival. I was really looking forward to it and hearing Brother Joe Arthur. He's such a great preacher! Can't wait for the rest of the weekend. I have some video clips of his preaching and some pictures, but it's just too late to load them right now.

Bruce took us to Pizza Hut after the service and it was a lot of fun. The Lord blessed us while we were there too!!

And now it's time to close it all down, crawl into a nice comfy bed, lay my head on a fluffy, feather pillow, and bid you goodnight until the morrow. :)