Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Times

The grandparents came over to celebrate Harrison's birthday. It was so nice having them here. It was a beautiful day, a wonderful supper, and a great time.
Harrison wanted Mrs. Jane's coconut cake for his birthday so I made him one. He loved it. I think it turned out pretty good for my first one.

He was happy with his birthday presents. All the right size and just the right color. hehe

Daddy takes on freezing spells from time to time so he was wrapped up in my favorite blanket. He looked like something out of Star Wars.

Harrison and mi madre.

Harrison and his Grandmother.

Harrison and Bruce. It just dawned on me that Bruce neglected to give Harry his birthday whoopin'.

Harrison and me. Sheweeeeee! I'm lookin' rough. oh well...

Harrison and big brother. :)

Harrison and big sister.

Daddy has taken on a new fad for himself. He is no longer going by "daddy" or "Paw paw." His new street name is now "Ice Paw."

Bruce givin' his mama some lovin'. :)

Mom and "Ice Paw" are always playing around. :)

So yeah, we had a great time with the grandparents. Harrison enjoyed having the attention all on himself for a while. But then who doesn't like that?