Monday, April 26, 2010

To Be Released, Or Not To Be Released...That Is The Question

Daddy's surgery went very good. It is not unusual for the patient to end up in ICU after having their carotid artery cleaned out. So that's where he went right after the surgery. They wanted to monitor him and make sure there was no bleeding, etc.

He was really out of it after this surgery. When they did the first one a month ago, they did not put him to sleep. He was awake for it because he was such a high risk at that time and so when we saw him afterwards, he was alert. But this time they put him to sleep. I'm so glad of that because he has Vertigo and it's laying on his left side that makes him so sick. Which he had to lay on his left side this time. The doctor did not know about his Vertigo so it was a blessing they went ahead and put him to sleep.

ANYWAY! We went up the next day and he was still a little groggy. But doing well. I was able to feed him supper, which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy, until he got sick later and lost it all. Poor thing.

Since then they've moved him to a regular room and we're waiting to hear whether or not he'll get to go home today. Last time he had dialysis on a day they thought he may get to come home and decided to keep him. Today is a dialysis day, so we'll see.

Thank you again, to all of those that were praying. Our family appreciates every one of those prayers. And thank you, Brother Randy, for wheeling mom up to the room the day of the surgery. It took a lot off of her AND my brother!!