Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He's Ten, Folks!

Harrison turned ten years old on Sunday. His grandparents took turns keeping him while we were in Murfreesboro. He stayed with Marie Wed night through Friday afternoon and then stayed with mom and dad Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. He had a good time and was able to see his cousins from Virginia at Marie's Thursday. He came home telling some funny stories from that visit. And then mom and dad took him to breakfast Sunday morning for pancakes. He loved that.

We're having his birthday dinner this evening. We usually don't do big birthday parties, but we always have the grandparents over. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, expecting to hear pizza or tacos...you know, kid food! But nope, he wants fried pork chops, green beans, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade biscuits, and crock pot mac-n-cheese followed by Mrs. Jane's homemade coconut cake. That boy knows how to choose a menu, huh? lol

I took him yesterday for a little birthday shopping...

He decided he wanted a couple new games and picked out one for his DS and one for his Wii. I'm looking forward to playing the new Wii game. LOL It has all sorts of fun games on it. Putt Putt too! That one will be my favorite, probably. But it's HIS birthday, and he DID choose that HIMSELF. Just clarifying that. ha haa Anyway, he's excited about his birthday dinner tonight.

Hannah and I did a lot of cleaning yesterday so today will be less rushed. I had planned on cleaning last night and working at the church until this afternoon, but forgot Justin would have the car. Lord willing I'll get up there another day this week. I hate that because I know Mrs. Ava needs help with the mother daughter banquet. So if any of y'all are able to get out there and help her, I know she would REALLY appreciate it. :)

Every spring we have a bird build a nest in the corner of our front porch. Which is an odd place, I think, because A: we have a cat (although he hasn't been seen in a few weeks) and B: it's right there by the front door where we walk in and out. You'd think the bird would get tired of flying in and out of the nest everytime someone came in our out of the front door.

I had to take this picture from inside the house last night. When I stepped out on the porch to take the picture, she slowly hid herself down in the nest. It was cute. I just love spring and all the birds and newness of the season.