Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Sixteens and Baby Showers

We attended the Sweet Sixteen party of a young lady in our youth group this past Saturday. Everything was polka dots and pink and black. It was so pretty. And very Taylor!

She had a good crowd of family and friends that came. A good bit of our youth was there along with some of her friends from school.

The food was delish!

The cake was beautiful!!

My sweet hubby. :)

This is the birthday girl. Taylor is a sweet girl and we were happy to be a part of her special night.

This is Kim...mother of the birthday girl. I would have gotten a picture of her daddy, but he doesn'T liKE HIS PICTURE TAKEN!!!! ;)

Thank you, Taylor, for inviting us. We had a good time!
I have some praise report!! I can't remember if I said anything last week, but in last week's
morning service we had a visitor and two of our teenagers saved (Monica and Raven). Then Sunday night another visitor came and was saved. He brought a man with him Wednesday night and that man was saved. Then Friday night we got a call from one of our other teenagers, Madison, and she had just come from a revival meeting with her family and wanted to tell us she had gotten saved. And then this Sunday morning, two more visitors walked the isle to accept Christ. That's eight souls this week. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I believe we'll be doing some baptizing next Sunday night. I'm so thankful to be attending a church where souls are saved and people are baptized. It breaks my heart for churches out there that never get to experience new births into Heaven or see new converts baptized.
Sunday afternoon we had a baby shower for Johnathan and Jennifer and their little unborn, Joshua. Can't wait to see and hold that little fella. :0) We got her a load of baby food and two outfits.

That's her mama there with her. Mrs. Renee is one of the SWEETEST ladies you will ever meet. She and her husband joined our church last year and we've been so blessed!! Oh! And I have to brag a little bit. See those giant potted flowers? My hubby made those. Mrs. Ava painted them. Didn't they turn out just beautiful? :)

Jennifer got all kinds of neat little baby things. I know she was excited to go home last night after church and look at it all over again!
Our youth choir sang last night and what a blessing to see three of them, newly saved, raising their hands in praise as they sang about the Blood!
Yeah, we had a great Sunday!