Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daddy Update and Graduation Stuff

Daddy is home and resting. He is happy to be home and Dolly (their dog) was thrilled to see him walk through the door. I'm sure she has tried to crawl up in the chair with him. I haven't talked to mom today to hear his most current update. I suppose no news is good news, right? She's had the phone off the hook, which probably means that daddy is resting. That, or she's busy playing on facebook and has forgotten to put it back on the hook. We'll see how long it takes her to read this and give me a call. LOL


Justin and I went to the college to do some things he has to do before he graduates from there next month. Our first stop was to pick up his cap and gown. He's being silly here...probably because I had been crying. Yes, crying! I couldn't help it. I was fine when he was trying gowns on in the bookstore, but then when we walked out of the bookstore I became a tad emotional. As tears swelled in my eyes, I realized he was walking a good twelve paces behind me. Wonder why? LOL Then he started poking fun a little bit and gave me this pose for the picture.

We had to stop at the switchboard and fill out a survey about the campus. He couldn't receive his tickets for graduation until he filled out the survey.

I need to do two more things this week and we'll be set!