Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old Time, Old Fashion

We had a WONDERFUL time in Murfreesboro. I have lots of pictures to share, but can't decide which ones to post here so I'll leave a link to my facebook album at the end of this post.

This year was a blessing. Last year was good, but this year the youth group had their minds and hearts prepared and the Holy Spirit moved freely.
We had gotten there somewhat earlier than we needed to be Friday morning, and while us adults were talking and had our thoughts on some other things we looked up and the youth had taken it upon themselves to gather around the alter to pray for the services. What a blessing that was!

The sermons were exactly what our hearts and minds needed and each sermon brought a new dish to the table for us to feast on. Hearts made decisions and that's what it's all about. Those decisions were brought home and spilled over into the services today. There were four souls saved today. One man visiting and two of our teenagers in the morning service and a visiting man tonight. Praise the LORD! We also had another person join the church. She's been coming for over a year and decided to join tonight.
The theme for this year's camp meeting was Taking Another Generation Back to the Old Paths and how we can't have it both ways. I'm thankful for old time, old fashion worship. I'm thankful for my old time, old fashion Pastor. I'm thankful that old time, old fashion worship is still alive. I'm thankful for old time, old fashion meetings like the ones we experience in Murfreesboro and, thank the LORD, in our church! I'm thankful for being able to take part in honoring the old time, old fashion preachers and hearing them preach from an old time, old fashion, King James Bible. I'm thankful my children were able to see these old time, old fashion men of God walk across the platform testifying how good it is to walk in the old time way.
Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to be in those services and for blessing me more than I hoped and prayed for.