Friday, March 19, 2010

Say Cheese!

Yesterday was a long day of picture taking and photo editing. Today and tomorrow will be the same way. But Justin's senior pics are turning out nice. I'm very happy with them and I've had fun the last couple of days out taking his pictures.

We went to a few places around town in his casual clothes yesterday and today, which by the way is an absolutely beautiful day here, we hit a few more spots.

When we finally got home yesterday afternoon, I had just enough time to whip up some rice to go with the meat I had in the crock pot and then it was off to a jewelry party at a friend's house. We had a good time.

We were up and out early this morning for round two of Justin's pics. This time he was dressed up in his suit and we went to an old church near my parent's home. We were able to get some pics near some crosses in Kings Mountain. They turned out ok, but I think my favorites were the ones at the old church. I'll know when I get around to uploading them.

When we were finished taking pics, we picked up daddy from dialysis while mom went to pick up all of his medications. He's sitting here eating a bowl of cheerios and watching the NCAA. He's doing ok since his surgery. He kind of staggers a bit, but he has numbness in his feet from dialysis and that could be why too.

Mom should be home soon and then Bruce will pick me up here for our date. I look a wreck. No make up, hair needs brushing...he might not want to take me anywhere. lol