Friday, March 5, 2010

Whew! What a Day Yesterday!

Daddy had his surgery yesterday. We were all at the hospital before 6:00 to see him before they took him. It was about five hours before we heard anything from them. The surgery was to begin at 7:00, but you know how it is...I think it started closer to 9:00.

When it was over and we were able to see him, he looked terrible, bless his heart. Under that ice pack there on his chest, was like a fist under his skin. It was scary looking. They assured us that swelling was normal. But it was scary, none the less. His coloring was not good either. I really didn't not like that.

It had been a long day, especially for mom and my brother, John. I was worried about John as much as I was daddy. His MS was taking its toll on his body. I hope he got some good rest last night!!
As we all were home and getting ready to settle down for the rest of the day, I received a call from mom who had received one from the hospital that the swelling was worse than it should be and they were going to have to take him back in for emergency surgery. This was very upsetting, as you can imagine. They were afraid he was bleeding, but when they vacuumed the area, they found very little blood. The swelling was from fluid building up due to the nerve block they had given him.
When we went back to see him after the second surgery, he looked so much better than when we left the first time. Even his coloring was better!

They delivered his meal and mom didn't want to go until she fed him herself.

Daddy and Bruce...

Daddy and me...

Mom loves the Olive Garden. Not one of our favorite places, but it certainly is one of hers. So we took her there and we had a wonderful dinner after a long and exasperating day! I do love Olive Garden's stuffed mushrooms though. YUM!

Mom and Bruce...

Mom and me...

Daddy had dialysis today and they are moving him to a regular room this evening. Lord willing, if the doctors see he's doing all right, they will let him go home tomorrow. I am not in a hurry, though! :)