Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too Much!

Daddy is doing ok, but mom called this evening to say that same place on his neck is beginning to swell again. That's a little scary. So she's watching it closely tonight. He'll have dialysis in the morning and the nurses will be able to keep an eye on it too.

I'm feeling better tonight. I think tomorrow I'll be on the full mend.

Hannah has been reading a great series of Christian teen novels. She's been stuck in a series and waiting for the library to call to say they have the books she's been waiting on. They called, Justin took her up there today, and she came home very upset because they did not have them. They sent them back to the Shelby library. I asked her if she asked the librarian why they did that and was she sure they weren't there? Hannah said, "No, she had a broken arm and was plunking on the computer keyboard and I felt sorry for her so I just walked back out to the car." So then she calls the Shelby library when she gets home and they tell her they don't have the books and they'll call when they come in. I asked her if she told the person on the phone that Mauney Library told her the books were in Shelby and she said, "No, he sounded so nice I hated to bother him." I reckon at this rate she may never finish reading the series. HA!

Harrison scared me to death last night. It's taken me twenty-four hours to recover. I was so sick on my stomach and was laying in bed in the dark talking on the phone with my friend, Mander. There was a knock on the door and Harrison was crying. So I got up and opened the door and he stood there crying holding one hand up in the air. It was kind of dark in the hallway. The only light was coming from down the hall from the light in the living room. But I could tell his hand was swollen and it was extremely pale, like there was no blood flow. He was crying, "My hand...my hand..." It was like a scene from a horror movie. I screamed and grabbed his hand and then realized that he and Hannah had just pulled a prank on me. I should have known right off from the smell of lilac permeating the air.

See, Hannah decided to treat her hands with her hand spa last night. Apparently, she talked Harrison into dipping his hand into the wax and then scaring me. And boy did he!!! After the weekend I had with dad and then being sick yesterday I went into hysterics. I went outside to Bruce's building where he was working on a project and when he saw my face he thought something bad had happened to daddy. So he became upset with me for over reacting and I was upset with the kids for scaring me. Did I let 'em have it? I didn't have to. After they saw how bad it tore me up, they felt horrible and apologized profusely.

I'm cracking up at it now....but shhhhh....don't tell them that. I kind of wish they had thought to capture it on video. LOL