Monday, January 19, 2009

More Randomness

Friday night was our regular date night. We got out of here a little later than usual, but I had Hannah snap a picture of us before we left.

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that there are those in our church placing bets on where we end up eating on Friday nights. So for those of you wondering, this week it was........
I think it's only fair that Bruce and I get a cut of the winnings if you win the bet.
(OK, for those of you about to pass out, there have been no actual wages made, so simmer down.)

The weather man is calling for snow, so in honor of this news and hope we had brownies with ice cream snowmen for dessert tonight. Mine had a chocolate chip bow on her head. Isn't she pretty?

I was going through a keepsake box Saturday while I was cleaning and found several rolls of film that need to be developed. I'll have one roll developed each week until they're all gone. I also found this little treasure. It's a locket Bruce bought me nineteen years ago when we were dating. The chain was very tiny and ended up breaking. I purchased another chain, which eventually broke. So I put it up until I bought another chain and sort of forgot about it. You know...out of sight, out of mind.

Bruce expected me to fit a picture on the inside, but instead I chose to keep the little heart shaped note that said I Love U tucked safely inside. He placed it in there before he gave it to me and I guess I'm just too sentimental to replace it with a picture.