Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Revival With Brother Larry Brown

The kids and I were happy to attend a revival meeting at a sister church to hear Brother Larry Brown last night. He's a friend of our Pastor and a great preacher. We love to hear him. So we were pretty excited to go.
It was good to see sweet people that we know.
The adult choir sang first.

There were faces in the choir that we know and love!

The children's choir sang when the adults came down.

This little one sang out with his little heart.

A men's trio sang and they were good. I really enjoyed them. The 1611 Boys were there too, but I didn't get a picture of them. I did get a video which I'll share at another time.
Pastor Goodman was being blessed too! :)

It's always good to attend local services and see "old" friends.
And then Brother Brown preached. He knows how to get on your level when he's preaching. I think that's what I like about him. He knows. You know?

His sermon was titled:
How To Know When You Have Left Your First Love
*When your salvation no longer consumes you.
~It no longer matters to you that your sins have been erased, blood covered, and gone!
~You use every little excuse you can think of to stay home from the house of God because your salvation doesn't depend on it anyway.
~Have you been saved so long that you're used to it? How long has it been since you've been so excited about doing something for God that you've asked your Pastor, "What can I do?"
~Will you say NO to God?
*When souls don't concern you any longer.
~people who are saved know others need to be saved.
~If someone you know says the world can go to Hell, chances are...they're going there with 'em. Saved people don't want to see others go to Hell.
*When sin doesn't convict you.
~When it's easier to do what pleases yourself instead of what pleases Him, you've lost your first love.
*When the second coming doesn't challenge you.
~You know he's coming and yet you're doing nothing to get ready for Him.