Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lots..And I Mean LOTS...of New Year pics!

On New Year's Eve we spent our evening at church, followed by a fellowship, followed by a party at our friend's home. New Year's Day we spent the day with family. First at my mother in law's home for a traditional New Year's meal of black eyed peas and greens. Knowing I don't like either of those, she promised a pork chop in the deal. Thanks, Marie! Here are a few (well, more than a few) pics of the last couple of days.

Bradley and Bruce

Some singing

We heard three sermons, the first from Brother RJ on the Great Commission.

Then more singing

The second sermon was from Brother Johnny. His sermon was "Things Will Be Fine in 2009."

And more singing



Our last sermon was from Pastor Goodman.

After services, we all headed to the fellowship building for soup, sandwiches, and desserts.

The food


Brenda's giving me the "evil eye." Scary!


Mrs. Joanne

Mrs. Janice and a little sweetheart!



The dessert table.

The food line

Mrs. Pat and her sweet hubby.

Brother John and Mrs. Elizabeth

"Little" John O'

Jeremy and Justin

Celine, Mander, and Kaylyn

Abigale showing me how old she was...She was born on New Year's Eve.



Naomi and Brother Johnny...don't they look serious there?

Elizabeth and a very tired Ethan

Mrs. Janet making haystacks

Nicole playing Wii

Missy and Faith

The guys

Checkin' out Mrs. Janet's turtles

Joseph drinkin' some root beer

Isaac drinking his root beer


We stepped outside just before midnight for some fireworks

Kelly wanted to try her hand at the Wii too. She did pretty good!

The temps were dropping and my feet were cold from being outside. Mrs. Janet's fireplace was the perfect place to warm them up.


Alanna and her mama

Joel and Pam

Brad and Kelly

Playing Catch Phrase

Our score keeper

Bruce and me

New Year's Day!
Zach and Elijah

Ashley...we haven't seen her in a couple of years. She is turning into a lovely young lady.

Liberty clearing the table

Justin and Hannah

A panormaic

Sugars from the nieces

Sugars to the nephews

We haven't seen Lanie in a couple of years either. Isn't she just a doll?

Marie with Lanie, Mackenzie, and Nicki

My daddy...not quite shaven...yet!

Bruce eating cheese ball and crackers

Getting ready to play Harrison's new Monopoly game


our banker

LOTS of laughs!

And some pizza!



We had a very good couple of days. All of the fellowship with our friends and family was a blessing. I hope you had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us in 2009. Can He get any sweeter? I think He can! I know He will.
Here's a video of one of our groups singing When I Wake Up.